Public and Government Affairs

The Wolcott Company provides community outreach, consensus building, public education, constituency relations and media relations expertise on issues related to public policy, regulatory matters and all levels of government. Drawing on a wide-range of experiences and extensive local, regional and statewide networks, The Wolcott Company advances priorities, manages issues, and solves problems in both the public and private sectors.


Media Relations

A veteran journalist and media relations consultant, Denis Wolcott has successfully developed multi-faceted efforts to secure positive portrayals for clients, as well as manage a company or agency through the more difficult and controversial situations. Media relations have grown complex, requiring a deep understanding of the expanding news landscape and the clarity and experience to identify the best strategies. By maintaining positive and productive relationships with reporters and editors, conducting regular intelligence on the change sand impacts of “new” or social media, and analyzing client’s goals and bottom-line needs, Denis Wolcott is able to design and implement immediate and long-term media placements and programs.


Marketing and Brand Communications

The Wolcott Company helps bring customers to clients by understanding the market, through focused research and by correctly targeting your consumer or stakeholder base. We help bring your brand to life in a competitive, often “noisy” market. Along the way, we monitor success and changing conditions, and make adjustments as needed. We deliver creative marketing materials, event management, product launches and consistent, integrated messages. The Wolcott Company can create a complete brand/logo idea from the ground up.


Crisis Prevention and Communications

The difference between having a crisis and a situation is preparation. It is much easier to handle an anticipated scenario with the luxury of planning for it. But, the unexpected occurs. The first few hours, days are critical to your company, to your stakeholders. The Wolcott Company has successfully managed a range of significant crisis situations for corporations, agencies and individuals. We offer industry-specific solutions and a comprehensive suite of services, including risk assessment, crisis preparedness, on-site response, public response training and mitigation calculations.


Media Training

Denis Wolcott has extensive experience in training executives, managers, attorneys and source experts to successfully present a positive portrayal on behalf of companies, agencies and organizations for a range of situations, including crises, product launches, courtroom trials, public informational campaigns and more. Training sessions include on-camera recordings, simulation exercise and message development.


Completely Green?

“Completely Green” is a proprietary program that helps companies and agencies fully assess and achieve their green objectives with assurances of vertical integration and implementation. Through unique partnerships with companies experienced in energy assessments, cost/benefit analysis and advertising, The Wolcott Company provides clients a one-stop solution to cost effective green conversions, including core business assessments, internal and external communications, supply chain analysis, and more.