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Case Studies

City National Bank
A leading private and business financial institution, City National's growth/acquisition strategy required stakeholder outreach and strategic media relations counsel and management. At Stoorza, Denis successfully secured high-profile, positive news media coverage of City National in national and regional newspapers and journals, as well as conducted background briefings and corporate media tours with key reporters at The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine.

BJ Services Inc.
Although a chemical tank leak was quickly discovered and contained at a regional operations site, the larger consequence facing this oil industry support company was potential concerns of nearby residents and possible actions by regulatory agencies. Through quick on-site management of communications and strategic community and government outreach, a potential crisis was averted and BJ Services was allowed to maintain its operations.

Pardee Homes
A leading builder of residential communities, Pardee Homes needed planning commission approval for its Fair Oaks Ranch development in the Santa Clarita Valley. The region had experienced organized opposition to new housing developments. A focused public and government outreach effort matched with strategic messaging and a comprehensive information packet resulted in unanimous planning commission approval.

County of Los Angeles - Y2K
As the new millennium approached, much of the media attention was focused on the City of Los Angeles' preparation and not on the County of Los Angeles, which had a greater population and broader issues (such as its hospitals). In the months leading up to Y2K, Denis conducted a media relations program of events, tours and press releases focusing on the county's extensive preparations. As a result, news media attention soon shifted to the county. On New Year's Eve, all Los Angeles media outlets stationed reporters at the county's emergency operations center for live coverage.

Diamond Valley Lake
The Metropolitan Water District, a wholesale water agency, was about to enter the retail market with the opening of Diamond Valley Lake. The lake, built primarily as an emergency storage reservoir, would also offer the Western United States its newest, largest bass fishery. Faced with the several logistical challenges – including strict boat engine requirements and a lack of nearby camping – the strategy was to secure advance media exposure, develop a brand and implement a focused marketing effort targeting families and Southern California anglers. The multi-faceted effort included a tagline, "The Jewel of California Lakes," print and outdoor advertising, a direct mail survey, special events, marketing, media tours, an online newsletter and creation of a unique Web site ( The results were a sold-out opening day with consistent year-over-year visitor growth, international news media exposure and revenue growth.